Video: Tom Brady’s Carnivale Dancing Will Probably Cause You To Piss Your Pants LOLing

You know the guy in your circle of bros who landed the hot chick and suddenly he was wearing fancy collared shirts, loafers and now dines at French restaurants instead of BW3.

Yeah, that’s Tom Brady. Dude landed Gisele, started dressing like a complete fag and grew out the hair because it looks stunning when slicked back.

Now we get Brades doing some queer dancing at Carnivale where he took his fake act to the next level over the weekend. VIDEO! JUMP! PREPARE TO PISS YOURSELF!

Posted: Over last 24 hours

Premise of Video: Brades is watching – from a private booth – his chick shaking her ass on a Carnivale float.

Climax of Video: Tommy catches Carnivale fever and starts doing some stupid dance that is about as equally dumb as his Oral B jersey.

Conclusion: It’s time to quit acting like a fool because your chick is famous and you so hate American culture. Notice how Brady never attends American sporting events? It’s not like you see Tom hanging with the boys at a Spring Training game. Maybe it’s just us, but this seems like an act to keep Gisele happy. Not that our asses wouldn’t be doing the same. However, we’d lose the Oral B jersey.

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