The Afternoon Dump: Tramp Stamp Tuesday, Girl on Girl, One-Of-A-Kind Emmanuelle Chriqui, Katy Perry Loves Hearts, Katy Perry Has Blue Hair, Horse Named Argh, & Psycho Looking Old Dominion Fan


Seriously, why can’t Purdue have girls like Nadia Marcella?

[Regretful Morning] – Now that is a tramp stamp
[The Smoking Jacket] – Girl on Girl action with Victoria Vertuga and Jessica Vaugn
[Popoholic] – Emmanuelle Chriqui is in her own league, that is for sure
[Maxim] – Avril Lavigne enjoys herself a photoshoot
[Linkiest] – And the hot Victoria’s Secret model says…
[PrettyHot&Sexy] – Katy Perry performs as a sexy heart (site NSFW)
[The Blemish] – And now Miss Katy Perry has blue hair
[Totally Crap] – Guess you get a red card if you tackle a streaker
[EgoTV] – A horse can be named ‘argh’
[unathletic] – In case you hadn’t heard, Justin Tuck doesn’t like Cam Newton
[Barstool Sports] – This guy would have killed everyone if Old Dominion lost
[The Daily What] – Have to love a police FAIL even if it is about typing

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