Video: Libyan Rebels Sign Yankees Fan To Free Agent Contract, Have Him Manning Surface-To-Air Missile Launcher


Believe it or not but Busted Coverage has readers in Libya who check in from time to time.

Raj sent word that he has been seeing many forces advancing towards Tripoli and some are even wearing Yankees caps! Not willing to risk his life to get us a Twitpic, Raj said we might be able to find Yankees fan on news broadcasts from the action.

And there he was! Yankees fan rolling towards Tripoli during a Ben Wedeman broadcast on CNN.

Video! Jump!

Posted: March 4, 2011

Premise of Video: Libyan rebels fired up the Toyota Tundra for a road trip to Tripoli where they were going to be tailgating at the Gaddafi over-throw party. Yankees fan, never one to miss a tailgate kegger, jumped into the back of the truck for the 60 mile trip.

Climax of Video: WTF! Are those surface-to-air missile launchers? Oh, hell yeah. This tailgate is going to feature some crazy shit usually reserved for an Oakland Raiders game.

Conclusion: Wedeman tried to figure out how to hitch a ride to the kegger but was left behind when a Fox News asshole stole his seat. Sorry, Weeds.

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