Daily Dump: Little League Dad Of The Year – K Fed, Ron Artest Blasts Fan Holding Coffee, Miss Belgium Tricep Bra, Garden Hose Vs. Boobs Video, New Gisele Bikini Pics, Sweaters Vs. Boobs, SNL Charlie Sheen Skit & Hannah Storm All Slutty – AGAIN!


A Sofia Vergara bikini collection to get your ass in gear this week.

• This shouldn’t end well. The Vegas paparazzi media is reporting on a Friday night party where The Giant Ass® took her 13-year-old sister to a Vegas party. Yes, Bruce Jenner’s daughter. (Sidenote: You’re going to want to see the cupcake boobies also in this story link)

• Of course Buster Douglas was in the Strikeforce crowd over the weekend. Dude actually isn’t looking all that bad. We met him 2 years ago and he was a little heavier than 2011. Comeback?

• The Miami Heat won’t even make the NBA Finals and they’ll blame the coach. It’s coming, people. Bank it.

• Best cheerleader chant of the weekend – “More-head! More-head!” The Morehead State cheerleaders brought a huge smile to our faces and we’ll be trying to track down a feature on these ladies.

• And finally, we’re close to Little League opening days across the country and we have our candidate for Little League Father of the Year – K-Fed. Just look at this ensemble and tell us this guy’s boy doesn’t bat third and pitch.

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Today’s Dump:

[Cosby Sweaters] – Ron Artest runs into courtside fan – hot coffee to face GIF!

[Boobie Blog] – Garden Hose Vs. Boobs NSFW Shit That’ll Make Your Monday Bearable

[Salty Milk] – Who Wants To See Miss Belgium Going Arm/Tricep Bra?

[Coed] – This is what Bud Light’s World’s Largest Pool Party looks like

[The Beer Googler] – BOING! New Gisele bikini photos your ass is going to totally enjoy

[Dirty Rotten] – Probably the best jiggly boobs GIF you’ll see all day

[Uncoached] – Tight Sweaters vs. Busty Ladies

[Bro Bible] – In case you missed SNL’s Charlie Sheen talk show – BRING IT!

[Larry Brown] – YUM! This is what Hannah Storm wore on ESPN NBA coverage Friday night

[Playboy] – Several Reasons Why It’s Smart To Play in Playboy Golf Finals

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