Cuff ‘Em: That Is The Balding Head Of 40-Year-Old Mary Magdalene Who Was Naked In Closet With Teen Boy


Say hello to a huge favorite to win “2011 Cuff ‘Em Hair Of The Year” award.

From My Fox Memphis:

A 40-year old woman is facing rape charges after being caught naked inside a closet with a 16-year old teen.

In Brief:

  • Mary Magdalene Collier was caught naked inside 16-year old boy’s closet.
  • Both Collier and 16-year old admitted to sexual relationship.
  • 16-year old’s mother found them inside closet and filed complaint.

According to an affidavit, 40-year old Mary Magdalene Collier was arrested for aggravated statutory rape after the teen’s mother discovered they were having a sexual relationship.

Where do we start?

Was a wig involved or did the teen know Mary was sportin’ a Matt Hasselbeck head of hair? How big is this closet? We can’t imagine too many walk-in closets in the ‘hood. The first thought of a ‘hood closet is stench. Just imagine the smell. Crusty, old shoes. The smell of old. The smell of rot.

And Mary’s stench. That’s the criminal angle to all this. Her ass must stink like a shrimp boat shithouse.

Congrats to Mary. She just won a place in our BC Cuff ‘Em Hall of Fame. (Now shave that melon.)

[40-Year Old Mary Magdalene Caught Naked in Teen’s Closet]

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