You'll Shit Yourself When You See How The Utah Jazz Lost Last Night

Just make a bunny, Kirilenko. You are 6-9. Stuff that shit into the basket. Get the tie and go to overtime.

Dunk it, Russian white boy. Get up! Cram that shit into the hoop. NOW! Hurry!

Fuck! Air ball! Shit! Jazz lose, 103-101!!

Epic NBA FAIL OF THE YEAR VIDEO…AFTER THE JUMP. Contenders can suck it.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: Covered that already.

Climax of Video: That fucking ball doesn’t go in the hoop. Doesn’t get much more climatic than going air ball from that angle.

Conclusion: It’s Utah. People went home, threw darts at Brandon Davies’ posters and told their kids that sex, like airballs, is evil.

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