Video: Let’s All Pray A Bodybuilder Vs. Judge Scrap Like This Mexican Meltdown Happens At Arnold Classic Over Weekend


Yes, we’re turning this Friday afternoon into bodybuilding day because it’s been some time since men in Speedos were featured on BC, which really gets a charge out of Photo Editor Big Gay Rich.

Dude will seriously go nuts looking for photos of crazy shit over the weekend after we post gay-ness like this.

Here we have a video posted in 2010 where a Mexican bodybuilder goes after a judge after shit doesn’t go so well for him in the competition.

Posted: August 20, 2010

Premise: Mexican bodybuilder doesn’t like the judge. The judge doesn’t like the Mexican’s body. FIGHT!

Climax of Video: Kids scatter and shit is on. The key move for bodybuilder guy seems to be ‘Dong In Shorts To The Face.’ The judge is like, “Fuck that, I’m outta here. No dongs to the face.”

Conclusion: Spray tan on those nice white tables must be a bitch to remove.

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