Video: What NBA Mascot Will Be First To Land 3-Point Line Slingshot Dunk?

Posted: Feb. 27, 2011

Premise Of Video: The OKC mascot, Thunder, over the weekend attempted a 3-point line slingshot/skate ramp dunk. Dude had two attempts and failed both times. This begs two questions: Will Bodog take odds on NBA mascots pulling off this insanity and who will be the first mascot to make the dunk?

Climax of Video: Yes, that is a giant slingshot propelling a mascot across an NBA court. Yes, one of these days a mascot is going to die and the insanity will cease.

Conclusion: Will Bodog take bets on which NBA mascot will die first? We figure it’s just a matter of time. Look, you start introducing giant slingshots and something bad will eventually happen. But, this might be the only way you’ll get our asses into an NBA arena. Regular season NBA is brutal but the chance to see a mascot die is always worth the price of admission.