Photos: Jim Tressel Now Recruiting Ohio School For Deaf With Hopes Of Landing Off-The-Radar Blue Chippers; Reads Dr. Seuss To Kids

Suck it, SEC.

Was your head coach at a school for the deaf scoping out potential diamonds in the rough? We’re looking at you, LSU.

Was your coach humble enough to get into the Dr. Seuss character via the infamous, yet goofy on a 60-year-old, hat? Nope.

Jim Tressel was out on the recruiting trail today at the Ohio School for the Deaf where he used that great voice to read the children a Seuss classic during “Read Across America Day.”

Is it awkward to read a book to deaf kids? To some, but not to Tress-dog. Dude knows no boundaries when it comes to unearthing a five-star baller.

Deaf school? Pffft, you don’t want Alabama coming in and taking your boys, do you?

Anyway, good for Tressel. Looking foolish is beneath many coaches. He obviously did it for the kids and everyone went home with a special memory.

Us Northerners know that if there was ever a location you wouldn’t find Saban it would be reading to kids in Alabama unless it was a passage from Dixieland Delight: A Football Season on the Road in the Southeastern Conference, by Clay Travis. $5.58 at Amazon!

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