Nightcapper: Want To Really Fuck With A Redneck’s Brain? Ask West Virginia Fan The Score After This Foul Shot

Posted: 2 hours ago

Premise of Video: This is from UConn-West Virginia tonight in Morgantown. You don’t see a foul shot getting stuck on a rim very often so this is more perplexing to a West Virginia fan than how to fill out a food stamps form.

Climax of Video: The ball gets stuck. Brains nearly explode.

Conclusion: Jump ball! Except these days you don’t get a 5-8 guard jumping against a 6-11 power forward. We miss those days. There used to be hope that the little dude would elbow tall guy in the nuts, steal the tip and go coast-to-coast. Now we get that anti-climatic possession arrow. Boooring.