ESPN Cheerleader Competitions: University Of Memphis Hip Hop Dancer Marina Barrett Nearly Sprains Neck During Celebration

As men who’ll watch ESPN just because it’s ESPN and there is no reason to watch another channel, we’ll end up catching (usually at like 3 a.m. on ESPNU) NCAA cheerleader competitions.

Not surprisingly, Sunday morning, ESPNU ran the recent D-1 competition and the hip hop division came down to the University of Cincinnati vs. the University of Memphis.

Emotions were running high. Both teams wanted it badly.

And then it happened. Memphis was crowned champion and Marina Barrett went into a spasm for the ages.


See, these ladies take NCAA dance competitions seriously.

We’ve seen these cheerleader shows where the ladies jump into each others arms and nearly make out, but Marina just took it to the next level. The neck thrashing. The mouth screeching. We can’t stop laughing.

Of course we’ve been tracking Marina’s Twitter account and there hasn’t been any mention of a neck injury. Yes, we’re surprised, too.

[Marina Barrett – Twitter]
[Marina Barrett – Facebook]

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