The 10 Highest Paid MLB Players & The Pads They Call Home

We love to hate them…Professional Sports Athletes. They give us ups and downs, cheers and jeers, but most of all they give us a feeling of fantasy. How they live. What they drive. Who they bang. Where they eat. How they vacation. We would love to be able to fail day in and day out plus get paid to do so. Who else can say they only succeeded 27% of the time at the plate (.270 batting avg.) and paid $33,000,000 to do so?

Nothing says over paid failure more than Major League Baseball players. Today we take a look at how the rich MLB players live and the houses where the richest players in baseball sleep at night.

Here are ‘The Phat Pads of the Top 10 Salaried MLB Players from 2010’.

#10: Alfonso Soriano, Chicago Cubs: 2010 Salary – $19,000,000 – Home Location: Westin, FL

#9: Carlos Lee, Houston Astros: 2010 Salary – $19,000,000 – (No photo available. Have an image of Cabrera’s house? Send it in –

#8: Ryan Howard, Philadelphia Phillies: 2010 Salary: $19,000,000 – $25 Million Mansion Blue Bell, PA – 21 windows in the front of house!

#7: Carlos Beltran, NY Mets: 2010 Salary – $19,401,571 – It is said that Beltran purchased in this, 425 Fifth Avenue, the Michael Graves–designed building at 38th Street. The 2,500-square-foot, three-bedroom, three-bath apartment on the 65th floor has 360-degree views of the city—all the way down to the Statue of Liberty on a clear day, say folks who’ve been up there—and the usual fancy new-condo finishes like cherrywood floors and granite countertops. The price is $6.995 million, practically small change for a player who inked a $119 million deal last year.

#6: Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers: 2010 Salary – $20,000,000 – (No photo available. Have an image of Cabrera’s house? Send it in –

#5: Johan Santana, NY Mets: 2010 Salary – $20,144,708 Home Location: Ft. Myers, FL

#4: Mark Teixeira, NY Yankees: 2010 Salary – $20,625,000 -$4.5 Million House.Teixeira’s home is on a small lakefront, on one acre of land.

The home has 8,554 sq ft, and has five bedrooms and five bathrooms.

#3: Derek Jeter, NY Yankees: 2010 Salary – $22,600,000 – $7.7 Million Mansion, Tampa, FL (31,000 sq.ft.) The ridiculous estate features two 3-car garages, a swimming pool, a billiards room, a memorabilia room, 9 bathrooms and 7 bedrooms for Jeter and girlfriend Minka Kelly to use at their discretion.

#2: CC Sabathia, NY Yankees: 2010 Salary – $24,285,714 – $15 Million Mansion, Alpine, NJ. Chris Rock also lives in the neighborhood.

#1: Alex Rodriguez, NY Yankees: 2010 Salary -  $33,000,000 –

The New York Post reported on Friday that New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez is leaving his “$30,000-a-month rental” and moving into a $6 million apartment.

The new apartment is said to be at 80 Riverside Blvd. on 64th Street. $6.6 Million Penthouse, The Rushmore, located in Manhattan. (just purchased).

Previously owned a house in Miami until May 2010.