Daily Dump: Lenny Dykstra Chats About Partying With Sheen, Gaddafi’s Elite Force Ladies, 6 Toughest Couples In MMA, Blog For MLB.com, Tyson Oscar Predictions, Colon’s Giant Cans, Naked Sledding & 34EE Forearm Bra Action!

Kevin The Intern requested we post this link to Roseanne bikini photos. Enjoy!

• Carmelo’s opening line: 27-10 & 1 assist

• The NFL Combine starts today and is closed to the general public. Shouldn’t the 40 and all other on-field tests be open to the public? Just think of the tickets that would be sold. Every 40-something ‘tard who had dreams of making the league would buy tickets. You’d have at least 35,000 people in that stadium. Sell beer. Allow tailgating. Sell programs.

• This should be interesting in an ever-changing Las Vegas. It seems Caesars is getting into the adult-themed circus show world. Tickets will cost $69 and there’s a high likelihood you’ll see some titty just off The Strip where a Roman-themed bar used to stand.

• Fun shit here. Lenny Dykstra tells TMZ about his experience partying with Charlie Sheen.

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Today’s Dump:

…we get moving this morning with 32 pictures of Gaddafi’s elite all-female force that is responsible for protecting his crazy ass and most likely kept around to satisfy his maniac sexual urges. Repelling from crazy fucks four-story desert tent and sex on a camel? Totally on the table. [DJ Mick]

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The Newest Craze In NSFW Videos: Russian waitresses nude! [Fleshbot]

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34EE forearm bra! [Boobie Blog]

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