Nightcapper: Busted Coverage’s ‘Valentine’s Day At Rick’s Cabaret’ Winner Writes & Says His Life Will Never Be The Same After Russians Work Him Over


What blog sends readers to strip clubs for a night of being treated like a king in New York City? This one.

Here is the full report from our recent Valentine’s Day/Night At Rick’s Cabaret contest winner:

Busted Coverage,

Wanted to let you know I had a fantastic time at Ricks this weekend.

I got there with a buddy around 10pm on Friday and they set us up in a roped off section on the side of the stage. Pretty soon we had a bottle of champagne plus whatever cocktails we wanted. Thanks to the VIP treatment, the girls immediately took us for high-rollers and we had plenty of company throughout the night. I decided to sample as many as possible which basically means I got a lapdance from pretty much every girl in the joint. The Russian bus had definitely arrived that day, almost every girl in there was from Belarus or the Ukraine (after the first few times I stopped asking if those places were in Russia). Most of them were young and hot and a surprising number of them featured nice naturals, which you don’t usually see at these places. I guess that’s why Rick’s is known for “premium talent”.

Eventually Lonnie (Hanover) showed up and immediately started sending girls over and buying us dances. He loves BC and really went over the top to make sure we had a great time.  He also loves real [breasts] so that helped explain the quality of the girls.

With the waitress feeding us scotch all night, the champagne bottle was a great way to keep the girls around without totally blowing out the budget on dances. Turns out strippers love free drinks, too. By the end of the night we were pretty loose and acting like we owned the place, which was fine with the staff, who were really great to us all night.

Thanks again for the prize. I’m ruined for normal strip club experiences now.


Did you read that? Word by word?

Guys, if you are in NYC and want a great time away from the wife or girlfriend, stop into Rick’s. If you see Lonnie be sure to mention Busted Coverage. Maybe, just maybe, one of the Russian dancers will overhear you talking BC with Lonnie and she’ll go nuts because she, too, is a huge fan.

Have a drunk athlete photo, tip, Cuff ‘Em, link we need to see? Email it in.

I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 and Coed kept me around to run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedcoverage
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