Nightcapper: Send Busted Coverage & Morganette Rachel To Vegas Where We’ll Drink Captain Morgan, Gamble & Let You Live Vicariously Through A Blog


A couple weeks ago we were in NYC for a one-day meeting with fellow bloggers where Busted Coverage was approached to take part in the Captain Morgan 2011 BracketMaster Challenge, presented by

Sounded very interesting.

Then someone told us we’d be paired with a hot Morganette (Rachel, also from Ohio!) and that BC would coach her in a NCAA-style bracket where voters decide which chick should be the 2011 Ultimate Morganette. 32 ladies compete over 5 rounds.

And the Morgan reps told us a trip to Vegas was on the table. For both Rachel and Busted Coverage.

Um, in!

This is where you help us after all these years of posting hot chick galleries. We really need this trip to Vegas and Rachel really needs to be the Ultimate Morganette. Times are tough in Ohio. We need a break from terrible weather and sadness. If there was ever a tandem to send to Vegas it would be a Columbus-based model and a sports blog that knows how to properly attack Sin City.

Vote here.

North Bracket. Rachel – Columbus, Ohio.

(Your vote actually counts towards something for yourself. Pick the most ‘winners’ and you’ll be watching sports in style via a grand prize entertainment center.)


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