Chick Gas Station Fights! Watch These Hood Rats Fight Over #1 Draft Pick In Upcoming Fantasy Baseball Draft


*Shaking head*

Yesterday it was hood rats fighting it out at a Denny’s in Massachusetts. Today we visit Florida where BC finds a black chick fight at an Ocala, Florida Race Trac gas station.

Folks, this one is pretty much a classic. We have fat rolls flying everywhere. Big booty bitches in thongs. Hair pulling. One chick having her entire club wardrobe being yanked off. Flapjacks flying.


Posted: Feb. 21, 2011

Premise of Video: Covered that already.

Climax of Video: :45 mark where big booty bitch starts unloading on the chick with the #3 pick in the upcoming draft who threw out some bullshit offer to move up to the #1 pick. Shit hits the fan and punches start flying.

Conclusion: Ocala Race Trac….don’t stop here after midnight for a late-night meat missile if you are white and not in the mood for black chicks throwing bombs.

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