Nightcapper: In Case You Missed The Snowboarder Jerking It To ABC Reporter/Snow Bunny Melissa MacBride


ABC-7 (Los Angeles) reporter Melissa MacBride was called upon the other night to go cover the ski scene at Mountain High.

Basic assignment. Get some stupid b-roll. Ask stupid questions. Dress cute with the hat and blond hair flowing over the slopes jacket.

And then Melissa went live. As you’ll see over via our friends at Guyism, Mel doesn’t realize there is a boarder jerking it onto her back.

This wasn’t MacBride’s first brush with crazy guys doing things behind her back. Check out this 2010 report from outside a jail where fans had gathered to see Lindsay Lohan.

What else happened today? Carmelo Anthony was traded to the Knicks. The NBA can go suck a monster dong. It has to be the most worthless mainstream spectator sport until the second round of the playoffs, with NASCAR a close second. At least with NASCAR you’ll get the random fat chick showing her tits.

One other item tonight.

BC has had its moments of ripping Stu Scott for his shirt choices and his random goofiness. Yeah, well, dude has cancer again. Of course we hate to hear such news and hope he can rid himself of the awful disease.

Have an item you think is BC worthy? A photo of an athlete getting drunk? Email us.

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