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Kate Upton Twitpics: 6 Reasons You Should Be Following The Rookie SI Swimsuit Model On Twitter

The verdict is in and if you aren’t following the new ‘it’ SI bikini model Kate Upton on Twitter you should probably just delete your account.

Seriously, only 4,444 straight dudes have been able to find her Twitter handle. That’s sad.

Where else do you have the chance to read a hot chick’s thoughts such as:

@DamarisLewis I hope we get bodypaint so we can paint each other and take a poll of who is a better artist ;) #wwkud

Do yourself a favor and use that Twitter account correctly and add Kate. She might retweet you and that would be, like, the highlight of your year.

[Kate Upton – Twitter]

[nggallery id=308]

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