The Afternoon Dump: Gary Buttman, Sanders Is Free Agent, Carmelo To Nets, Sexy Yoga Women, Motorist Arrest FAIL, Cameron Diaz Has Some Guns, Hot Dawn Jaro Pics, & Kardashians Made $65 Million


Now that is a good view of Adriana Lima.

Sorry, my internet has been crapping out on me.

Afternoon Dump

Gary Bettman is now Gary Buttman [Sportress of Blogitude]
Bob Sanders is no longer a Colt [SB Nation]
Could Bautista be better in 2011? [Yardbarker]
Nets and Nuggets may make a deal for Carmelo [Guyism]
I think I want to do yoga now [unathletic]
How not to arrest a motorist [Totally Crap]
Fishy magic trick of the day [The Daily What]
Hilarious hot and sex commercial for an answering machine …via [Linkiest]
Cameron Diaz wants to take you to the gun show [The Blemish]
Dawn Jaro goes solo [The Smoking Jacket]
Irina Shayk looks sexy hot [Moe Jackson]
The Kardashians made $65 million [Yeeeah]

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