5 Questions With Saints Underboob Fan London Including How To Talk Your Wife Into Dressing Sexy At NFL Game

Welcome to the old, but new “5 Questions With Busted Coverage.”

It’s our feature where actual celebrities, members of the elite media, athletes, strippers, etc. chat with our gaggle of reporters. Yes, we do get the chance to rap with famous people and figure you’d enjoy the questions we throw their way.

Today we sit down with Saints Underboob fan, London, who became an Internet hit in 2010 as New Orleans was making its Super Bowl run. London, not shy when it comes to supporting her team, left us speechless by the underboob shirt that rocked the NFL.

BC: First off, where can a woman get the infamous Saints Underboob napkin that you made famous during the N.O. run to the Super Bowl?

In 2009, my husband and I went to Miami to go to the Saints and Dolphins’ game. It was my 1st time to go to the Miami stadium; therefore, I did not know what to expect. My husband told me that girls wear bikini tops to the game…It is Miami! So we went to a boutique to look for a gold and black outfit. I tried the outfit on, wore it with my black high heeled boots and the year began!!! People asked to have their picture taken with me and I always said, “Sure!”. Then, we go to the game at the SuperDome, I was kind of hesitant – then I thought, “Well, it is New Orleans!” and my outfit is basically the same as the Saintsations…So, we won every game when I wore my “lucky” outfit! (and without the kids)

BC: Of course we know you because of the rack, so wow us with some detail from your life that would bring tears to our eyes. What is a random piece of info that would make a man think more of you than just another hot chick with an amazing rack?
Well, this is Busted Coverage and I doubt people care to hear a sob story, but I do have a big heart..that is why I am a nurse! I love taking care of people, always stop at wrecks prior to emergency personnel arriving to assist, do CPR until help arrives, then provide emotional support to the victims that weren’t hurt as bad. I dislike confrontations, drama, lies, two-faced people and infidelity! I HATE TO SHOP! Luckily, my husband shops for me. I would rather give gifts than receive them. I am a Christian, a very affectionate and dedicated wife and mother. I have bitten my tongue many times when it comes to people talking bad about my family! I will not tolerate it! I tell myself and my kids, “Don’t stoop to other peoples’ levels, smile and move forward!” (But, I do have to say that my tongue is mighty sore! Especially, when you have ex’s…but, it’s all good.)
BC: We know athletes can spot a hot chick from at least 35-40 rows away. Tell our readers about a time when an athlete made an ass out of himself in your presence. Any Saints making advances before realizing you are married?
To this day, I have never met a Saints football player. I enjoy watching the games. Prior to the Minnesota game in the SuperDome, music was playing, we were watching the commentators and I was kind of dancing while my husband was talking to a couple of Minnesota fans, who recognized me from purchasing tickets online, and one of the commentators saw me and started dancing a little, too. We laughed.
BC: What are some of the stranger things you’ve heard while walking around New Orleans in your superfan outfit? Has Brett Favre ever sent you a sext? What about Tiger Woods?
I mostly wear a Saints jacket until the Saints score a touchdown. Walking around, we just hear people mumble, “That’s the girl from the internet”. Then, I’ll have guys and girls ask to take a picture with them saying that I was the “talk of the office”. When we went to the SuperBowl in Miami, I was standing in line to go to the bathroom and to my surprise, I had probably 6 to 8 people taking pictures of me. They were literally in two rows! Then, this old lady came up to me and said, “Will you please take a picture with my husband?” and I told her, “Only if you’ll take a picture with my husband!” It was fun. Oh, I was on the phone waiting for a friend and this camera crew came by me pretending to film me, then walked down the stadium a little bit and started laughing. The funny thing is, I knew they were playing. Right before they did that, they were acting like little boys being mischievious. Then, we were standing in line waiting to order drinks and a family friend of the Mannings offered to buy me and my husband a round of drinks if I would take a picture with his wife and friends. I could care less about Brett Favre and Tiger Woods! Again, I do not tolerate infidelity!

BC: Men that read Busted Coverage would love to have a woman who is willing to wear a napkin to a football game. Give our readers some advice as how to talk a woman into wearing the Underboob napkin. How should we break it to our wife/GF/lesbian lover?

I started modeling when I was 13 years old. When you model, you lose some modesty.The Destin Plastic Surgery Center in Destin, Florida does wonders for any…body.. Just because you are married, doesn’t mean you have to cover yourself from head to toe and let yourself go. You still need to take care of yourself! My family loves to workout together and we eat right most of the time. My husband loves to dress me up, so he’ll say, “Try this on….” I think it is extremely important to keep your marriage exciting and to keep your husband proud and happy!

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