Nightcapper: Busted Coverage Is Hiring…Are You America’s Next Top Blogger? Prove It.

Aaron Rodgers, spotted tonight at the WWE stop in Green Bay.

Update: This weekend will be your last chance to impress us. We’ll start to analyze and contact applicants next week.

It is with trepidation that we write this post telling you maniacs that Busted Coverage editors have decided to open the hiring process at Busted Media®.

Let’s cut to the chase:

• Are you currently blogging but looking for a much bigger audience?

• Can you write about sororities and fraternities without fear of having your balls beaten to a bloody mess?

• Think you can interview a hot chick without disgusting her?

• Do you want to be part of a growing operation that might be able to pay you some money?

• Are you creative? Can you use vagina, Megan Fox, tranny and pickled in the same sentence?

• Are you an expert at Facebook photo extraction techniques?

• Does your father control a venture capital fund and does he suddenly feel the urge to get you a cool job?

• Here is a biggie – can your drunk, lazy ass get out of bed at 7 a.m. and be blogging by 7:30 a.m.?

• What is the craziest, Busted Coverage worthy night of your life? Hookers? Hotel rooms ruined by fisticuffs, broken beer bottles and a toilet ripped out of the floor? Remember, you better be capable of writing.

• Oh, and we’d love to bring a chick writer into the mix. Are you hot and capable of writing? We might have to do a casting couch interview.

Get your shit together son.

Send us a little something about yourself and not just that you like vagina and want to post hot chick galleries. We can easily handle that gig ourselves. Be creative and wow us. Don’t bullshit BC with a bunch of GPAs and how you were president of the local Society of Professional Journalists chapter. That garbage doesn’t impress us. This is new media. Act like you belong.

Email us.