Video: Bobby Jovanov Wins Himself A Car With Half-Court Shot Last Night At Kings-Mavs Game

It either takes free tickets or a deep love of NBA basketball to attend a February game featuring the Sacramento Kings vs. the Dallas Mavericks.

Bobby Jovanov showed up at Arco (or whatever they call it now) last night to most likely pound some brews, scope out some tail and maybe see a few dunks. And then this happened.


Posted: couple hours ago.

Premise of Video: Bobby has a shot at walking away with a “free car from Folsom Lake Ford/Folsom Lake Kia.”

Climax of Video: We were looking for a toe on the line, but no, Bobby stayed behind the line preventing a foot violation. Perfect form. Great height. Nothing but net.

Conclusion: Since this is California, the taxes are going to kill poor Bobby. Sorry, brah. Oh, and we hope you don’t get one of those shitty little Kias that retail for $7,000.