A Short Photographic History Of Mark Sanchez In Bed With Chick(s)

Update: This story first appeared on BC way back on April 28, 2009. All you celeb hounds searching for Mark Sanchez in bed with a chick can stop right here.

We have some of the greatest readers.

They will go to extreme measures of research to discover long lost photos of Mark Sanchez in bed with some chick.

Believe us (me) when it’s said that normally looking and posting such photos wouldn’t be on our radar.

Looks like everyone is happy with the movie.

But this guy is about to become New York City’s golden child. The next thing we know the NY Post and Daily News will come knocking and linking. It’s in our best interest to show you what Sanchez has bedded down in his days.

Then, if you are a Jets jersey chaser, determine if you qualify as worthy of such Dirty Sanchez action.

Now, don’t go crazy as if these are new shots. They come from 2004, before Dirty even enrolled at USC. That might explain why that chick isn’t a 9.5.

Have an image of Sanchez or any other athlete bedding down the opposite sex?