Photo: John Daly’s New Golf Bag Features Flat Screen TV, Videos, Music & New Ads…Flashes Back To Caddyshack!

Nope, it doesn’t have keg taps or a cigarette lighter but you can mark it down right now that John Daly now owns the coolest golf bag ever.

Big John released this photo earlier today and this promises to be the biggest news in the sports blogosphere. Like, seriously, when’s the last time you saw a golf bag where you can catch SportsCenter between shots?

Us? Never.

Daly reports:

No beer taps bc I quit drinking–so I’m tryin to get a Diet Coke to dispense instead & hydrolics to shoot my clubs out! LOL

Folks, this just might be the revolution needed in golf merchandising.

Does that golf bag look familiar.

Let’s Dance, says Daly.