Daily Dump: Michelle Beadle Breaks 2 Bones, SB Flyover Costs Just Under $500K To Taxpayers, Brennaman Rips Cubs Again, Best SB Asses, Vince Lombardi Mug Shot, Steelers Super Bowl Champion Shirts, Wintry Boobage & Ladies Of Mexicana Air!


Best Legs Strolling Brazil You’ll See All Day! Alessandra Ambrosio.

• Isn’t it amazing how quickly the NBA jagoffs start shit about trades such as Carmelo going to pretty much every big city in America. Going to NYC. Oh, wait, we should get L.A. into the mix. No, he’s going to the Lakers. No, wait, we meant Dallas. No shit? The Celtics are now interested? AMAZING! Folks, use your heads for a minute. ESPN doesn’t have football so what else do they have a Brinks truck invested in? The NBA! AMAZING!

• Blake Griffin’s line from last night – 4-of-12 and squeaks out a double-double. 10 points, 12 rebounds.

• Old friend Michelle Beadle tweets in last night. She broke 2 bones in 3 spots…at ESPN. We’ll tweet her and see how long she’ll be on the IR.

• Guess who the media in Cleveland are blaming this 25-game losing streak on? LeBron is responsible? Um, if the Cavs can’t win over two months it’s hard to believe that all falls on James. It’s time to start blaming the starting five, eh?

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Today’s Dump:

…we get started with the video that stoners have been jonesing for. Family Feud. “Name something that gets passed around.” Giggles….giggles….giggles. Let this be a lesson to marketing majors out there in college land. Boobs, joints, cars, video games, sports. Get one of those genres into your project and you’ve secured the male audience. [BroBible]

Guess how much that SB XLV flyover cost taxpayers. GUESS! C’mon, you didn’t think the NFL paid for that did you? [Washington Post]

Oh, Dear Jesus! Reds broadcaster Marty Brennaman is still attacking you, Cubs fan [Can’t Stop The Bleeding]

Great News: Cardinals now encouraging dorkwads to use Busch Stadium as backdrop for wedding photos [Joe Sports Fan]

Puke. Cameron Diaz. Yeah, ARod’s popcorn feeder. Diamond cutters. [The Nip Slip]

Two of the best asses spotted at Super Bowl XLV [Bullz-Eye]

For Steelers fan – this is what your Super Bowl champion shirts would have looked like [TMZ]

5 Essentials If The NFL Does Go Nuclear & Lockout The Players (a UFL season tix package? Hell no.) [Smoking Jacket]

Here is Vince Lombardi’s mug shot from SB Sunday [Off The Bench]

Granny brought out her skunk hair for last night’s UK game [MockSession]

Howard Stern promises naked photos of Beth if Twitter acct. hits 100k mark [Popeater]

WTF? Woman tastes semen in her yogurt [Flisted]

Today’s Tail:

NSFW Wintry Boob Photos That’ll Get Your Ass Shitcanned : Christine! [Boobie Blog]

NSFW Photos That’ll Make The Dorks At Backpacker Magazine Giddy (scroll down until you see a campsite) [Paparazzi]

The SFW Ladies of Mexicana Air get ready for their Playboy shoot [Totally Crap]

What do you get when you mix Greek, Irish and Swedish blood? Laurie Young & those boobs! [Coed]

Carrie Underwood shoving salad down her mouth [CelebSlam]

Alyssa Miller. Lingerie. Gallery. And, no, she won’t sleep with your creepy ass [Guyism]

30 Hot Chicks Wearing Glasses…and we mean hot! [Brosome]

Give Her A Call: Frankie does some fetish modeling & might dress up like a sexy Weather Channel chick for an extra $20 [Uncoached]

Yes, Please – Lara Bingle for Bare Lingerie [Don Chavez]

Kortney & Samatha can’t resist the urge to kiss each other [The Beer Goggler]

Tooshie Tuesday headlined by a semi-bent-over-the-couch [Funtasticus]

An Aussie chick that rugby players are furiously sexting these days – Tammin [Derek Hail]

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