Super Bowl Sunday Dump: Desmond Howard Vs. Phil Simms Super Bowl Party Near Fisticuffs, Dan Patrick Parties With Brooklyn Decker, SI Model Chrissy Teigen Parties In Dallas Bathroom, Eli Manning SB Douchebaggery, Prop Advice & Theisman’s DD


Don’t forget the Lingerie Bowl at halftime. Here is a game primer via ass photos.

• Can you possibly imagine spending Super Bowl Sunday with your father and he happens to be Hugh Hefner? Hef’s boy Cooper has a Twitter account and tells the world what he has planned for XLV. “Um, pops, at halftime why don’t we get some bunnies to oil wrestle and we’ll make it rain duck feathers.”

• Guess who Dan Patrick was lucky enough to party with last night. Guess! She owns giant boobs, works for SI and will be in your mailbox in a few days.

• What’s on the menu for Busted Coverage today? Nope, we didn’t find some PR agency to send us to the game. Nope, we aren’t going to a big party where we’ll miss 3/4 of the game. BC will be in the theater (100 inches of screenage) where we’ll be able to concentrate. Sometimes you just have to simplify your viewing of a Super Bowl. It’s that year for us.

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Today’s Dump:

…we get Super Bowl Sunday started with SI model Chrissy Teigen and her girlfriends in a Dallas bathroom. Oh, and if you have time, peruse her entire gallery of SB XLV party photos. Oh, and if you have even more time, read her Twitter feed. Chrissy is hot and has a trigger finger when it comes to awesome tweets. [Chrissy Teigen – Twitpic]

Your complete douchebag roundup from last night’s DirecTV sand bowl where douchebags like Eli Manning make complete douchebags out of themselves and then bloggers pounce on the douchebaggery – PHOTOS! [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Great read from old friend of Busted Coverage…Matt Youmans of Las Vegas Review-Journal visits 8 sportsbooks and take a pulse for this year’s gambling action [Review-Journal]

SB Prop Bet Advice: these guys will blow you mind with all sorts of tidbits of knowledge [Stock Lemon]

Super Bowl Party Story of the Century: Cops have to separate Phil Simms and Desmond Howard after Simms confronts Howard for comments about his son [Shutdown Corner]

Your 2011 NFL Hall of Fame class was announced last night – Bettis was snubbed [The Big Lead]

Photo: Here is Joe Theisman’s designated driver this week in Dallas [CBS]

The People You’ll Inevitably Meet At Today’s Super Bowl Party – (left out…the asshole who has to be an asshole because his team didn’t make it to the Super Bowl – think Cleveland Browns fan) [Gunaxin]

Of course you want to see what kind of human would die her poodle Green Bay green for the SB [YouTube]

NOOOOOOOO! Packers fan who has attended EVERY SB will miss today’s game [ProFootballTalk]


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