5 Questions: Playboy’s Miss February Kylie Johnson Is A Steelers Fan, Wants To Be A Nurse & Is Waiting For Someone From Steelers To Invite Her To A Private Suite!


Welcome to the old, but new “5 Questions With Busted Coverage.”

It’s our feature where actual celebrities, members of the elite media, athletes, strippers, etc. chat with our gaggle of reporters. Yes, we do get the chance to rap with famous people and figure you’d enjoy the questions we throw their way.

Busted Coverage “5 Questions” editor Joseph Student took time out of his busy schedule to file this report:

Kylie Johnson loves football, hard-core metal and snowboarding.

So, even if Johnson, 19, didn’t look incredible while naked as the Playboy Playmate of the Month in the magazine’s February issue, you’d still love her. The naked part is a nice bonus though, eh?

We asked the upstate New York native and straight-A nursing student who was discovered at a Playboy Casting Call, these five questions right during Super Bowl week. We don’t know if she was naked while typing the answers.

When is the first time that you — or someone else — noticed that you look spectacular naked, and did that lead to you heading to the Casting Call?

I’m not quite sure. I’ve always been very conservative and selective about who I get naked in front of so I’m not certain of the “first time” but I did get a lot of attention in high school for having “larger” assets.

We assume you get the line “You must be studying to become a nurse anesthetist because you’re a knockout,” all the time. Seriously, though, why that career choice and doesn’t it make your Halloween costume — Sexy Nurse — too easy a decision for the next 20-30 years?

Haha!  I’ve never gotten that line actually, but that’s really sweet! I chose Nurse Anesthesia because I enjoy helping people. I love a fast-paced work environment as well. I think the Halloween costume — Playboy Bunny — is a little easier decision though. Hahaha.

You are from upstate New York and quite the sports enthusiast. So, which team do you cheer for: Jets, Giants, Bills, Orange or other teams or sports?

Sorry, Buffalo — I had to give up on the Bills a long time ago so I ended up switching to the Steelers.  They have so much dedication and heart that shows through in every game. Other than Pittsburgh, I do still root for the Buffalo Sabres.

You mentioned being “the cheerleader who listened to hard-core metal,” who were some of your go-to bands and have you ever flashed them during a concert/show?

As stated in my centerfold, my favorite band is Miss May I, but leading up to the music I listen to now, I did crank Marilyn Manson and the older Linkin Park on my way to the beach.

Pauly Shore is pretty legendary for his prowess with Playmates. So how long before he was asking you out? Any other creepers we should know who need to be called out? Name 2-3 athletes who have been gracious in asking you to sit in his private box at the stadium or arena.

Hahahaha. He is? …Um, well, to my knowledge, he hasn’t asked me out.  There aren’t any real creepers.  Everyone is pretty sweet and respectful and SANE so far. HAHA. I have just been introduced to the public, so I haven’t been asked to sit in a private box at any Steelers or Sabres game yet.  Is this a reoccurring offer to Playmates that I should know about?  Because I’d love to be in a box suite for when the Steelers win the Super Bowl!! :)

Playboy’s February issue featuring Kylie Johnson is on newsstands and online at www.playboydigital.com, with additional photos available at Playboy.com.

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