That Is Tim Tebow Hanging With Amanda Pflugrad A Former Oregon Cheerleader! Let The Rumors Fly! OMG!!



It’s been like 2 1/2 years since we’ve had a legitimate photo of Tim Tebow with a chick. Yes, he’s still a virgin so any photo of him with a chick who is under 25 sends shock waves through the blogosphere and virginity community.

Imagine our utter shock when we happened upon the above photo of the Denver Broncos QB and uber-hot former Oregon cheerleader turned sideline reporter Amanda Pflugrad.


Ok, that sure look like goin’ out clothes. The shoulder-less top. The Tom Cruise jacket. A kitchen.

Shall we jump the gun before a confirmation comes from the publicist and declare “TIM TEBOW MIGHT ACTUALLY BE DATING A HOT SIDELINE REPORTER!

Thank God we never deleted the Pflugrad Booze Cruise photos.


We’re pretty sure that is Amanda’s brother.

In other words, how does the most eligible bachelor in NFL history end up in Amanda Pflugrad’s family home and look like he’s on a date with an eligible sideline reporter?

These worlds just don’t collide. We do this blog shit for a living and track C-list sports celebrities over our organic breakfast. It’s our life.

Yeah, the Pflugrad family house is in the Phoenix area.

So, until we’re told differently, Tim Tebow might be dating. Run with it, America. Run wild.

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