Nightcapper: Busted Coverage Vs. Darren Rovell Non-Licensed Super Bowl Bakery Items Competition Is On!

Made in Busted Coverage’s lunch room. Your move, Rovell.

Earlier this week we approached @DarrenRovell for a non-licensed Super Bowl bakery showdown where each participant tries to one-up each other with bakery items that make Roger Goodell’s licensing goons squirm.

You know the items.

Connie, the bakery genius at your local Giant Eagle, can pretty much execute whatever you need on a cake for the kid’s birthday. Or Roberta, the cupcake artist who is like Warhol with her little baked concoctions.

So Busted Coverage wanted to make a splash in this competition with CNBC’s Emmy-Award winning sports business reporter. We hired our very own artist to take a store-purchased 12-inch chocolate chip cookie and paint a Troy Polamalu with frosting. An hour later and you get the above masterpiece.

Yes, those are chips in his forehead. Yes, you can eat the entire piece.

The ball is now in Rovell’s court. Time to hire someone to ice Clay Matthews Jr. to a 12-inch cookie.

Have a non-licensed Super Bowl item that we need to see? Know a bakery producing great items that’ll make Goodell send the goons? Email us.