Daily Dump: Wisconsin-Purdue Mascot Nipple Tweak, Texas Longhorn Tan Lines, Flyers All-Star Break Road Beef, Super Bowl Gatorade Prop Bet Gold, 50-Pound Sloppy Roethlisberger Burger, Wendy’s Giant Boob Slaw & Tila Tequila Sex Tape!


Christy Hemme vs. a shear curtain bra.

• Sorry for the 2-hour delay. BC was busy shoveling snow away from the front of the office.

• Are you a recruiting dork who looks at today like Christmas morning? We feel sorry for you and it’s highly likely you haven’t been laid in 12-18 months, if ever. Look, we understand. College football is important to use, too. It’s just that we think some 18-year-old picking a college isn’t that exciting. Now, Jaime Edmondson posing for Playboy, recreating legendary moments in Super Bowl history is  much more exciting. As a bonus, you get underboob.

• Hasn’t the three-college-hats-on-the-table shit run its course? Or is it some sort of rite of passage into manhood?

• Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God! 5 Recruits Who Could Flip On Decision Day!

• The biggest decision today for BC will be whether to go with a safe lager or something a little more motor oil like. Maybe a gut drenching stout.

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Today’s Dump:

…we get started with some mascot nipple tweaking during last night’s Wisconsin-Purdue game. As a bonus, you also get a Bo Ryan reaction GIF. Fun! [The Big Lead]

The Texas Longhorn Tan Line! A gallery of asses tanned to a perfect UT logo [Coed]

Ahhhhhhh, shit! This chick says she was partying with members of the Flyers in Costa Rica over the all-star break [Crossing Broad]

Another screencap from Purdue-Wisconsin sent to Kevin The Intern with love [Bubbaprog]

The most interesting, best read ever when it comes to analyzing the Super Bowl Gatorade prop bet – IF YOU GAMBLE ON SB PROPS, DON’T MISS THIS READ! [Stock Lemon]

Super Bowl Burger Of The Year! The 50-pound, 100k calorie Sloppy Roethlisberger [BroBible]

6 Sexiest Super Bowl Commercials of All Time? You make the call [Uncoached]

Here is Steelers fan Molly channeling her inner Lady Gaga [With Leather]

15 Legendary Moments In Crazy As Fuck Charlie Sheen Moments [Ranker]

25 Protest Pranks Such As Bringing A Bucket Of KFC To A KFC Protest [Super Booyah]

Today’s Tail:

SFW Wendy’s Giant Boob Slaw Vs. This Outfit! Will bring tears to your eyes [Boobie Blog]

Go to photo #2 of Sarah Shahi and check out those diamond cutters [Esquire]

Tila Tequila Sex Tape! Scroll down until you see the annoying bitch screencaps [Paparazzi]

Sexy Chicks Going Through TSA Security: Minka Kelly looking hot before being searched [Moe Jackson]

Sexy Chicks Going Through TSA Security: Cindy Crawford about to get frisked [Beer Goggler]

Cheryl Burke vs. a red bikini [CelebSlam]

Tooshie Tuesday reloaded with special emphasis on mirror ass shots [Funtasticus]

Who? Alexa Vega drops some bikini action for your enjoyment [HQ-Celebrity]

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