5 Questions: G4’s Blair Herter Would Drink With Dana White, Go Into Business With Vince McMahon & Fight Don King


Welcome to the old, but new “5 Questions With Busted Coverage.”

It’s our feature where actual celebrities, members of the elite media, athletes, strippers, etc. chat with our gaggle of reporters. Yes, we do get the chance to rap with famous people and figure you’d enjoy the questions we throw their way.

Busted Coverage “5 Questions” editor Joseph Student took time out of his busy schedule to file this report:

You probably best know G4 reporter Blair Herter as the guy whose TV segments have interrupted your fap session to on-air babes like Alison Haislip, Morgan Webb, Olivia Munn and others on “Attack of the Show!” and “X-Play” for years. Yet, you don’t hate him; he loves gaming and MMA, after all.

Herter’s path to his gig on the nerd-core channel came after stints on MTV’s Road Rules and Real World/Road Rules Challenge, which is to say he knows reality shows, such as “The Ultimate Fighter” (TUF), which was the (obvious) topic of conversation when he recently stepped into the octagon to interview Dana White, the UFC president.

While Herter covered lots of topics with White, we just asked him five easy questions.

– Let’s play Beers, Brawl and Business: Of Dana White, Vince McMahon and Don King, who would you most want to have a beer with; have on your side in a brawl or start a business with, and why?

Beer:  Dana White.  I want to get him drunk and convince him to go for the world record for most curse words strung together into one coherent sentence.  I think the current record is held by some Australian dude…or my dad.  Can’t remember which.

Fight:  Don King.  At the first sign of trouble I’d hide in his hair.

Business:  Vince McMahon.  Preferably BEFORE Stephanie married HHH, so I could give HER “the business”.  Get it?  THE BUSINESS?!?!  HAHAHAHA….  Wait, shit, Vince doesn’t read this, does he?

– Which pop culture or public figure will be the next person to be caught in a sexting scandal and why?

Veteran stage and TV actor Hal Holbrook. That dude is DESPERATE for attention.

– Regardless of gender, weight class or discernible talent, you get to pick the contestants for Celebrity Ultimate Fighter: Who are they and why?

Spencer Pratt and a resurrected John Wayne Gacy.  You do the math.

– Which MMA personality would make the best congressional candidate, and why?

Without a doubt, Rampage Jackson.  Can you IMAGINE him during bill discussions?!  “I GOT SOME FILIBUSTERIN’ TO DO UP IN THIS BITCH!”

– You have the opportunity to face off against anyone in the world inside the octagon: who is it and why?

Veteran stage and TV actor Hal Holbrook.  He’s old and I can take him.

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