Daily Dump: Super Bowl XLV Underboob, Nate Newton Is Skinny, Brett Keisel’s Beard Facebook Page, Toddlers National Signing Day, Free Steelers Tattoos, Surfing Bulldog, Lucy Pinder Is Nuts & Rihanna Elbow Bra!


Zoraida Gomez thinks Nate Newton looks funny and doesn’t like skinny Nate (see below).

• “Now Crystal & I are cuddling in bed, watching the latest episode of “The Bachelor.” – Hugh Hefner, Twitter, Feb. 1, 2011.

• Prices are going up for XLV. We’ve been tracking the StubHub prices and they bottomed out at about $2,200. Now the number has gone back to the $2,500 range.

• Guess who still ranks 2nd in home attendance average in the NBA? You guessed it, the Cavaliers. Ho, hum – the Cavs took it on the chin last night via a 27-point defeat by the Heat. At this point we’ve switched sides of the aisle on the LeBron leaving argument. Dude is a total toolbag with his stupid PR moves but leaving town now looks like one of the great moments in free agency history.

• And finally, it’s not every day you find a fox licking your door. Get the camera and record that shit.

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Today’s Dump:

…get your ass rolling and ready for the Super Bowl with 20 of the finest Green Bay & Pittsburgh underboob photos…dare we say…of all time! True, some of these racks have been Photoshopped. As if that matters. What matters is how quickly these photos will be uploaded to your phone and sent to all your buddies in Wausau. [Coed]

Remember Fat Nate Newton? Yeah, well, this is the new skinny Nate Newton! Eat a burger! [Barstool]

Photo: This is the Tiger Woods designed course in Dubai desert project that has tanked! [Wei Under Par]

Want to smile? Look at the Brett Keisel Beard Facebook page. He’s the Brian Wilson of XLV [Facebook]

In case you are driving to the Super Bowl: 13 Unconventional Items To Buy At A Truck Stop [BroBible]

Cool! Farmers Insurance buys naming rights to L.A. stadium that doesn’t have NFL team [SB Nation]

Video: Toddlers now selecting their colleges before they are even out of diapers [Kegs N Eggs]

Steelers tat artist is offering free tats to real Steelers fans as a Super Bowl gift [PSAMP]

Canseco still going on and on and on about hitting HRs on his Twitter acct. [Sharapova’s Thigh]

Road Sign: Surprise Buttsex Ahead [OneQuickBeer]

We’re Smitten: This has to be the coolest surfing bulldog you’ll see all day [K9 Coverage]

Today’s Tail:

The new Lucy Pinder Nuts photos that’ll blow your mind and get your ass fired! [Pretty Hot & Sexy]


Natalie Portman was wearing some pasties at the SAG Awards [Don Chavez]

Cheryl Burke gets the hell out of dodge as Snow-Gasm hits U.S., turns in bikini action from D.R. [Moe Jackson]

Ambrosio drops some more bikini bombs on an unsuspecting nation of men [CelebSlam]

Becky Wunder Is Your NSFW Fake Boobed Hot Chick In A Kitchen Of The Day! [Beautiful & Busty]

NSFW! NSFW! BC favorite Dorismar drops new pics for H Extremo [NSFW POA]

Scarlett Johansson Side Boob Movie GIF [Dirty Rotten]

Monday Morning Memories….or we can call it ‘Shit That Never Happens To Kevin The Intern’ [Funtasticus]

Yum! Katie Couric with a swimsuit strap drooped over the shoulder. You dirty slut! [The Blemish]

Toronto Hottie Alert: Justina lives amongst you, is fluent in the Polish tongue [Uncoached]

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