Cuff ‘Em: Punk Arrested For Beating AHL Mascot Pucky The Whale After Bet With Buddy


It seems we’ve become a nation of mascot ass kickers.

First it was the Ohio U. dude conspiring to kick the ass of Brutus at Ohio State. Now we get a drunken 28-year-old ass kicker going to an AHL game over the weekend and leaving in handcuffs.

A man told police that he tackled and punched Pucky the Whale at a CT Whale game because of a bet he made with a friend.

Kevin O’Connell, 28, of East Hartford, has been charged with second degree breach of peace following Saturday’s incident.

The mascot was in the stands greeting young fans when O’Connell attacked him. Alert parents helped police track down O’Connell, who was found a short time later hiding in another section of the XL Center.

No one was seriously injured.

O’Connell was released on a promise to appear and has been banned from the XL Center.

Banned from the XL Center? How does that go? There is monitoring software uploaded through his ass that sets off asshole detectors at the arena?

We want to know that bet. Someone who knows Mr. O’Connell or the friend, or both, are expected to send us an email with full details.

Oh, and if you have video, do the same.

[Drunken man tackles mascot over bet]

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