This Is Why We Wish Nothing But Herpes, Crabs, AIDS, Syphilis, Etc. To Brooks Of Sports By Brooks Fame


The screencap was sent to us and posted on Buzzfeed. Why? Because someone else noticed a trend, we suppose.


Did Brooks say “Hey, our friends at Busted Coverage got up at like 5 a.m. on a Thursday morning and found this video that had been patiently sitting undiscovered on YouTube since Tuesday.”


Did Brooks, of Finebaum/Fox Sports Radio/L.A. Ego Fuck Factories/Etc. fame, even offer up an industry standard reach-around-hand-job “Hat Tip”, which usually looks like this [HT: Busted Coverage]? (Did you ever get the chance to listen to Brooks talk about the Cam Newton scandal on the Paul Finebaum Network? No? Please do. It’s art. Warhol-ish.)


Is Brooks still the King Of All Sports Blog Cocksuckers? It’s a two-way battle between him and Anthony at Total Pro Sports.

They like to get their lazy asses out of bed, in Brooks’ case, when the sun comes up. Brooks is out there on the West Coast where he’s competing with East Coasters who are three-hours ahead of him with stories. His operating procedure is to prowl his RSS feed for shit that looks interesting and then rewrite it as if he somehow plucked the story out of thin air.

Sure, we just posted an innocent YouTube video and used a screen grab of the Sanchez dummy hanging from a billboard.

Guess who did the same? You guessed it. The King Of All Sports Blog Cocksuckers!

Why be so upset for something as innocent as this? Because we don’t like looking like the grabber. We’re not happy to be second. BC has a history of not coat-tailing. The recipe for gaining readership isn’t being second. Deadspin became the biggest sports blog in the world by coat-tailing? Nope.

A simple thank you for our research skills would be nice.

Think that could happen, Brooks?



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