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Poker WAGs: Jessica Lynn Hinton & Her Giant Boobs Are Dating Hold ‘Em Stud Dan Bilzerian

It’s been quite some time since the Busted Coverage editors felt so sure about announcing a “World’s Hottest…”

That all changes today as we introduce all of you to Jessica Lynn Hinton (34D-26-35, if you are keeping track at home). Call her Jessa. Her friends do.

Ms. Hinton has done the Playboy thing. She’s been modeling for a few years and seems to have settled in nicely amongst the other big boobed ladies in Las Vegas. In fact, Hinton hit the jackpot. She landed herself a loaded poker player, Dan Bilzerian, who has done some serious damage over the years and is one of the horses in the Victory Poker stable.

Take a beautiful woman who is dating a rich poker player and you have “The World’s Hottest Poker WAG.”

Contenders are asked to email us and provide at least 15-20 photo samples for our esteemed judges to critique.

[Jessa Lynn Hinton – Twitter]

[Jessica Lynn Hinton – Model Mayhem]

[Jessica Lynn Hinton – NSFW – Playboy]

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