Daily Dump: Jimmer Fredette Drops 43 On SDSU, Dick Vitale Hangs At Hooters, Heather Tesch Video Magic, Clay Matthews Signs Hair Deal, $12K For Favre Gamer, Let’s Party With Miss Arkansas, Lohan Vs. Hilton!, Munn Vs. Wine & Sugden Vs. Nudity!


A Tribute To Pokies as only DJ Mick can possibly gallery-ize. 40 nippy shots in one gallery!

• The most expensive Super Bowl item right now on Stub Hub – $622,369 for 25 tickets to a Hall of Fame suite on the 40-yard-line.

• We’re seeing the cheap Super Bowl tickets going for just over $2,000. That might sound like a ton of money, but this number seems to be dropping by the day. We wouldn’t be shocked if $1,300-$1,500 gets you in the stadium by kickoff.

• Um, Jimmer Fredette dropped 43 on SDSU last night as BYU ended the Aztecs perfect season. Jim Nantz has been busily scribbling superlatives on the back of ATM receipts in preparation for March Madness.

• We’re supposed to be flying into NYC this afternoon. According to Jim Cantore’s Twitter reports, it looks like BC is pretty much fucked.

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Today’s Dump:

…we get started with a refresher on how to be old & get a job as spokesperson for Hooters. Dick Vitale might be ancient in years, but the guy knows how to send out a tweet. Here he is surrounded by boobs and chicken wings yesterday as he was getting in some promotional work with the ladies. Isn’t this country great? [SB Nation]

Before we go any further…you have to see this Heather Tesch Weather Channel video from yesterday where there is some crazy I Dream of Jeanie shit going on [Bob’s Blitz]

Clay Matthews signs hair care deal [Darren Rovell]

What F@cking Recession?: $12,000 will get you a game-worn Favre jersey from an Oct. 2010 game against Cowboys [Brett Favre Store]

Carlos Boozer was banging a Bachelor contestant? Do tell more, please. [BroBible]

Cool: Los Angeles Lakers celebrity seating chart infographic [The Sporting Grave]

Who wants to party with Miss Arkansas? Um, the line is growing after this news [CelebSlam]

Ex-Oregon cheerleader Katelyn Johnson throws on a bikini for Fox Sports segment [FratHouse]

UFC Octagon Girl Showdown – Celeste vs. Palmer – oil wrestling (we wish) [Moe Jackson]

Great Idea! Lohan vs. Hilton in a boxing match! [Yeeeah]

Olivia Munn Is A Goddess Update: Here she is chugging wine on the ‘Today’ show [Warming Glow]

You have to listen to the ref working last night’s Islanders-Hurricanes game – a voice crack & he grabs his crotch [Ted Williams Head]

It’s Australian Day! How About 27 Of The Hottest Women Ever Born To Australian Parents! [Coed]

NSFW Polish Boobies That’ll Get Your Ass Shitcanned Of The Day: Ewa! [BoobieBlog]

Rhian Sugden Let’s ‘Em Breath: New photoshoot from one of our favorite chest models [NSFW POA]

Best Ass/Mirror Self-Shot Pic Of The Day Combo [Dirty Rotten]

25 Chicks Who Are Probably Hotter Than What You Woke Up Next To This Morning [Super Booyah]

Hump Day Hotties! Get your fill and then move on to worrying about shit like what’s for dinner [Funtasticus]

Jenna goes cross-armed hand bra for your Thursday viewing pleasure [Next Round]

Good to know: Lady Gaga says her new fragrance will smell like “blood and semen” [The Blemish]

Just what the world needs – the Whopper Bar – where getting fat is taken to the next level [Gunaxin]

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