Nightcapper: Super Bowl XLV Body Painting Boobies That’ll Probably Result In Cease & Desist From Roger Goodell Hit Men


Every single person with a talent revolving around sport, art, business, HD TVs, etc. has either emailed us or sent us a Twitter @ promoting themselves this week.

At this point if anything Super Bowl is in the subject line our eyes roll.

And then someone tipped us off to the work of Rachelle Hahn (Twitter), a body painting expert from San Diego who wasted little time putting together a boob mural featuring the Steelers and Packers logos.

According to Ms. Hahn’s Model Mayhem page:

I am currently a freelance makeup artist living in San Diego.  I have been in the industry for about 5 years now graduating from MUD Makeup School in Burbank, California.

Somehow, and we’re still piecing it all together, she took an interest in the NFL, especially the Chargers outside linebacker Shaun Phillips, who has seen his jersey emblazoned on a naked rack. Making a Pro Bowl is cool but seeing your #95 painted on a naked chick means you’ve made it.

Now, the only bummer to all this is that Roger Goodell will eventually find out about this San Diego operation and have his Southern California logo infringement henchmen knocking on Hahn’s door. Of course she’s not harming a soul and actually providing a service to humanity.

We hope that cooler heads prevail and Goodell can see the positives in having naked chicks billboarding his league across chests.

Have a tip, photo, naked body paint chick we need to see? Send an email. We love to chat with BC fans. Don’t be a stranger.

[Rachelle Hahn – Twitter]

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