Daily Dump: Packers Fan Auctions Himself On eBay, Jets Conference Champions Gear Shipped To 3rd World Nations, Kenny George Dunk Compilation, Madrid Ball Girls, Sarah Longbottom Arm Bra & Anne Hathaway Screencap Gold


Isabeli Fontana. Paddle. Coconut drink. Bikini. What more is there to say?

• Now, don’t freak out if tomorrow’s version of Busted Coverage is quite jumbled and not as you’d expect. We’ll be traveling to New York City to get a look at Brisk’s Super Bowl commercial. It’s a small blogger event and we just had to make an appearance. The big issue is snow. Lots of it. And flight delays. Bare with us.

• Guess who had another Uno game last night? Post-Uno sex in the Playboy Mansion® must be the greatest sex on Earth.

• Well, well, well…look who kicked the shit out of Purdue last night. Ohio State is rolling and looks like a clear Final Four contender. Inside. Outside. Domination.

• Ahhhhhh, shit! Mike Tyson has a baby boy to raise into a man who likes to kiss racing pigeons. Congrats to the new parents.

• Hate the guy all you want, Brock Lesnar is refreshing. Asked what sold him on being a coach on TUF, he tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal the decision was simple. It was about the money. Then he goes on to drop an f-bomb. Great TV coming soon.

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Today’s Dump:

…we get our asses in gear with news of Packers fan auctioning off himself for a ticket to sit in a suite at Super Bowl XLV. If you have an extra ticket and want some 20-something creeping out your horde of chicks, this is your guy. [Bad Jocks]

For Jets Fan: Here are the Conference Champions shirts that’ll now be worn in 3rd world nations [Off The Bench]

5 Must-Have Purchases For Super Bowl Sunday including a whole roasting pig! [The Smoking Jacket]

Fired Packers necktie guy has been offered a new job in Chicago [SB Nation]

Jay Cutler took the stairs when going to dinner Sunday night? That’s the rumor [Shutdown Corner]

Craig’s List job posting looking for ‘Big Mouth Coach’ who must like feet []

The Single Greatest Kenny George Dunks Without Even Jumping Video Compilation – don’t miss it [YouTube]

2011 WSOP schedule is out and big question is what day does Ass Girl show up so we can stare? [Wicked Chops]

Bra-less Tennis Ball Girls – Madrid wins [Uncoached]

This should end well – ‘Jersey Shore’ to film in Italy [The Blemish]

Speaking of Italian, check out this old creeper ‘Joel’ working it at a Vegas pool party [Hot Chicks With Douchebags]

Today’s Tail:

NSFW Boobs of the Day: Sarah Longbottom tries to go arm bra and it’s useless vs. these monsters [Maxim U.K.]

Um, that is full-frontal NSFW Anne Hathaway for her fans [Nudography]

30 Cleavage Cocktails! Gallery! [Coed]

Cleavages Not Serving Cocktails! Gallery! Just plain boobs spilling out [Totally Crap]

2 Of The Greatest SFW Bouncing Boob GIFs You’ll See All Year [BoobieBlog]

Want to know why Next Top Model Greece is must-see TV? It’s all NSFW! Scroll down [Paparazzi TV]

WTF? Sophie Monk is marrying some 50-year-old. We’ll give it 2.75 years. Photos to remember her by [Yeeeah]

Jessica Stroup’s bikini body is top-notch but that hair is pure shit [CelebSlam]

Selena Gomez going through TSA security…if that is one of your fetishes [HQ-Celebrity]

Um, we’re game – Ashley Tisdale wearing these shorts [Popoholic]

She’s a stupid cunt, but Shauna Sand throws one helluva birthday bash [Heyman]

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