Nightcapper: Sorry, Ladies…Josh Beckett’s Giant Cowboy Package Is Off The Market After Marrying Rocket Scientist Holly Fisher

News of Josh Beckett getting married over the weekend started trickling out this morning.

The Boston Herald says that Beckett and his “rocket scientist fiancee” did the deed in a cowboy setting. Of course that sent us into research mode. What’s up with this cowboy theme?

Josh Beckett and his rocket-scientist fiancee Holly Fisher tied the knot over the weekend in what looked to be a good ol’ cowboy wedding. There’s a video on YouTube of country crooner Zona Jones singing his hit “Two Hearts, One Love” to the happy couple at their reception.

Ahh, Zona Jones. That famous country singer is the same crooner who partakes in some Josh Beckett charity hunting in the offseason. Oh, and that led us to photos of this rocket scientist that Beckett is settling down with.

Pretty normal looking chick. And blond.

These photos were from the November hunt in Texas where men shoot guns, eat animals and wear giant cowboy hats.

Beckett, born in Texas, kinda surprised us with this outfit considering he’s the dude who always has the Phish-inspired necklaces dangling during pitching assignments.

Anyway, that’s his new wife. Analyze and talk amongst yourself. We’ll be busy laughing at Kevin Millar and his Cowboy Up shirt.

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