Daily Dump: Las Vegas Sports Books Pissed At Cutler, Duke’s Coach K Questions Cutler, Gene Chizik At ’83 Sorority Party, Kevin Love Banging UCLA Cheerleader?, Jew York, Miller Lite Thong Model, Lacey Banghard Video & Veronika Is A Gamer Nerd

If your wife/GF/lesbian lover is 135 lbs.+ these bra/undie combos aren’t for her.

• We are back and ready to roll this week after properly experiencing a game at Heinz Field via tailgating in the Gold lot. The scene outside the AFC Championship was intense. The big surprise were all the Jets fans that rolled into town. Everywhere. If you have the chance and can spring for the money, get to Pittsburgh for an important game. That city is what it’s all about for the NFL. From the knock off shirt stores in the Strip District to meat markets like McFadden’s, the city has a little something for each type of fan.

• What did Hef do with his 20-something Playmate in bed last night? TV time!

• How does the NFL keep doing it. Steelers-Packers. Joe Buck’s head is about to explode just thinking of all the angles he can softball to Aikman. Do we go Favre-Rodgers angle or maybe some Roethlisberger vs. a Georgia bar vs. redemption vs. I found God angle?

• Can someone finally get to the bottom of who Aaron Rodgers is boning. The Talk-Sports.net jersey chasers haven’t been able to crack the case so any help would be appreciated.

• Um, guess who else is pissed off at Jay Cutler? Las Vegas sports books. Guess who took a beating when the Packers covered. The books. Matt Youmans has all the details and reports that the first Super Bowl bet placed at the Hilton was $3,300 on GB.

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Today’s Dump:

…we get started with Gene Chizik at a 1983 Fall Woodster with the Chi Omega ladies at the University of Florida. Look at this hot piece of ass wearing a Copenhagen hat that Gene probably ran the spread offense on that night in ’83. Smokin! [Friends of the Program]

Bottoms Up Beer Machine Update: Wells Fargo Center in Philly to debut God’s gift to beer drinkers [Crossing Broad]

Kevin Love is banging this UCLA cheerleader? That’s the rumor [Frathouse]

Jay Cutler is officially f@cked: Coach K chimes in, wonders why the Big Pussy wasn’t cheering for teammates [SB Nation]

The Fail Heard Round The Blogosphere: The Jew York Jets lost to the Steelers [Sports Hernia]

Here are 33 photos of the Miller Lite Thong Commercial chick – you’ll be seeing Sabina’s ass all the way through the Super Bowl [Coed]

Random Cute Tennis Players Doing A Dance: Andrea Petkovic shakes it after beating Sharapova [BroBible]

Al Davis Quote Machine: Something, something, something….Calvin Johnson ain’t that special [Larry Brown]

In case you missed the photo of Mike Tyson kissing a pigeon [Twitpic]

Video: Ever seen an 8th grader dunk in a basketball game? Now you have [Jersey Chaser]

Photo: This store is actually named ‘Jizz’ [Guyism]

Today’s Tail:

F@cking Epic: Page 3 found a boobie chick and her name is Lacey Banghard (video!) [Boobie Blog]

Macaulay Culkin rebounds from Kunis with this POA [Moe Jackson]

Whore bag Jenna Bentley and the puppies hit the beach for bikini time [Totally Crap]

If you are a gamer nerd we promise Veronika is worth your time [Smoking Jacket]

Hot Chicks Paying Parking Meters: Jessica Alba looking all cute figuring out this machine [Celebslam]

Sexiest School Girl Outfit You’ll See All Day [Heyman]

Jonesing for some hot chicks and tats? Teagan Pressley and friends have you covered [Beer Goggler]

Sasha Cane will beat your ass if she finds you watching Charlie Rose and eating ice cream [Dirty Rotten]

Bar Refaeli vs. these undies [Don Chavez]

Cute Norwegians: Natassia used to sing in an opera, turned to modeling [Uncoached]

Random Bikini Chick Time! Kendra Rice! 16 Photos! Click…click…click! [Flisted]