Daily Dump: Awesome Chicago Bears License Plate, Pacers Rookie Snubs Escort, Jose Canseco Softball Bat Deal, Homeless Dude Dominates ESPN Fantasy, Tate Forcier Walks Via Twitter, Dirty News Bloopers, Bar Refaeli Does Berlin & Olivia Munn Drinks

Something simple, yet sexy and classy for this Friday. Belen Rodriguez!

• Remember we & the Las Vegas Review-Journal told you so. Our old friend Matt Youmans reports that about 75% of the tickets for Bears-Packers are riding on the arm of Aaron Rodgers. You’ve been to Vegas? You know all those lights, fountains & free booze flowing? Yeah, that doesn’t happen without losers. The line is sitting at -3.5. Prepare your boxes of tissues accordingly if you plan to lay the money on the Pack.

• Last night was one of the most hyped Blake Griffin games yet. ESPN was gagging itself and TNT put the Clippers-Blazers in the 10:30 spot. The results? Blake went 6-for-17. He did go 20 and 18, but his team lost and the FG% will have to improve for a power forward.

• Who has the most Twitter followers of any team in the NFL? The Jets. It’s either sink or the Heavens for this team. Rex wins, gets to the Super Bowl and wins and this guy’s meal ticket will be stamped – forever. There will be foot fetish clubs named after him. This weekend is a major moment in the history of the NFL. As if that even needed to be stated. Folks, the back covers of the tabs belong to Rex.

• Be safe and call a cab. Don’t be stupid. You might actually see some BC reporting this weekend. Stay tuned.

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Today’s Dump:

…we get the final day of this boring sports week rolling with a license plate that’ll pretty much guarantee you an ass kicking if you drive through the wrong neighborhoods in Green Bay. Speaking of which, are there ‘rough’ parts of G.B.? We picture a city where golden doodles frolic in fountains and little white kids don’t have to worry about little Mexican kids taking their corn picking jobs. [Deuce of Davenport]

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