Where Is The Packers Bikini Team? Will The Ladies Come Out Of Retirement For NFC Chammpionship? Still Looking Decent? So Many Questions!

It’s the question that has been floating around the Busted Coverage office.

Will the Green Bay Packers bikini team reform, get back together, break out the old uniform just one last time for the NFC Championship or have they retired for good? Yes, we know the game is in Chicago. That shouldn’t matter. This is for 3/4 of the marbles. Getting to the Super Bowl is of the utmost concern right now.

Has there been a case of the Freshman 15? Have they married, settled down and want to forget about the run they had during the 2008 season?

Someone out there must know the story and what happened to the trio.

Step forward and email us. We’re intrigued. Please tell us they’ll have the pink tops on Sunday in support of a great cause.