Phil Mickelson Eats Meat AGAIN: 24 Belly-Busting Burgers Lefty Should Have His Eyes On!

News came down yesterday, via our friends at Pro Golf Talk (NBC blog), that Phil Mickelson has fallen off the wagon and after five months as a vegetarian he’s back to grazing on meat.

“I continue to eat a lot more vegetables than I have in the past and I’m trying to have a better balance now than instead of all protein. … [R]ight now I feel like I’m not being inhibited in my ability to practise, to work out or perform.”

It’s all good, Phil. You don’t have to explain yourself to a bunch of overweight, meat pounding media types.

We’re here for you, buddy. Fire up that grill. Get some Prime from the local meat market and graze. Graze till you can’t stand it anymore. Don’t fool yourself. That body was built for burgers. Thick, juicy, mustard dripping down your shirt burgers. Quit pretending to be someone you are not. That Super Bowl is upcoming and we know you’ll have at least $5-$10K riding on it, a burger in hand and beer close by.

Here are 24 Belly-Busting Burgers Phil Mickleson Should Have His Meat Eating Eyes On!

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