Tucked In Tebow Jersey Douchebaggery: Have American Men Gone Totally Out Of Their Minds? Yes Or No?

We analyze, edit, peruse, etc. thousands of Twitter, Flickr, Google Image photos per day for almost 300 days a year.

There is a trend Busted Coverage photo experts have noticed concerning a very small, but growing legion of men out there who are committing the worst possible jersey fail of all time.

The tucked in jersey. Specifically, the tucked in Tim Tebow jersey.

Over the last 24 hours we’ve found two photos that illuminate this trend. Have American men totally lost their minds? Is it a man card violation to tuck a jersey?

Notice the douchebag photo above. There are several douchebag moves that stand out.

• The jersey. Nothing says beat my ass like a Tebow jersey on a grown man. But that is the least of his concerns.

• The turtleneck. 1991 wants that shit back.

• The belt. Screams Plano, TX.

• Wrist gear.

• Watch. Hello? That’s what a cellphone on the bar is for.

• Is that one of those faggy leather phone covers? That is like the Holy Grail of douchbaggery.

Stop it, America. Ditch the stupid jersey unless you are going to the bar and expect to get ranch and hot sauce on it.

This guy might have more reason to be tucked. Seems to be over 40, a child of the turtle neck and sweater era.

His buddy has the right idea. A semi tuck.

That’s where you sorta plan the tuck/not tucked look. Then the jersey eventually finds its way out of the half-tuck and into sloppy jersey guy mode. The real issue here is the jersey maker.

Can’t we get a jersey that doesn’t hang below our ass cheeks? Would that be too much to ask.

If you want to tell the guy in the Broncos Tebow jersey that he’s a d-bag, send him a message via Plixi. Maybe, as a community, we can put a stop to this nonsense.

[Jeff Mills – Plixi]