Cuff ‘Em: Florida Dude Passes Out While Taking Kid For Walk (Oh, & He Had 2 Cold Keystones In Stroller)

How cool is this!

The Monroe County Sheriff Dept. in the Florida Keys has a blog where they give us the latest updates on their criminals – and photos!

(Yes, that photo is real!)

A Marathon man is under arrest after passing out while pushing a small child in a stroller Monday. Deputy Bradford Colen responded to 25th Street just after noon after Sheriff’s dispatchers received a call. Two men called to report a stroller with a small child in it, unattended. They said a man, who told them he’d been drinking too much, was laying down nearby, passed out. Deputy Colen found 56 year old Raymond Dascott on the ground. In the stroller was a year and a half old child. Also in the stroller: two Keystone Ice beers, still cold.

Now, if you’ve never been to the Keys, don’t judge. There are plenty of freaks/drunks who’ve escaped Dubuque, Iowa to the cozier confines of year-round warm weather and daily buzzes courtesy of Florida.

It just happens that this dude was pushing a kid around town and decided it was nappy time.

Kudos to all involved, including the cop who was on his toes and snapping photos for the blog. You’ve been bookmarked, sir.

[Florida Keys Sheriff]