Nightcapper: Laurence Maroney Was On A Collision Course With An Impressive Arrest Mugshot

Of course an arrest on weapons and drug charges will be explained in time.

Laurence Maroney’s handlers are in full-fledged save an athlete’s ass mode trying to spin his arrest last night in St. Louis. The attorneys will get in touch with the other d-bag thugs riding in Maroney’s ride and tell them to take the fall for all of it. L Money will spring for lawyers for his boys and all will be cool.

Yeah, he’s innocent. Just look at that hair. It screams innocence.

In other news, it seems there is a Mississippi State cheerleader who got naked for Playboy. Her name is Taylor Corley and she’s blazing a trail on the Internets today. Good for her. Cam Newton can sell his services to the highest bidder. Taylor did what Taylor had to do to make ends meet. It’s not like cheerleading is paying the bills. Girl gotta eat.

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