Video: Fat, Drunk Bears Fan Gets Naked In Upper Deck During Yesterday’s Playoff Victory


We’ve been accused of plenty of things.

Lawyers like to write to us complaining about how we are publicizing their clients getting naked in public. Or when they decide to get naked in public. Or upload NSFW videos. Name it and we’ve heard it.

But it’s you, the public, who continues to be the source of all this fun. Keep getting drunk and we’ll keep posting images and videos of you acting like fools.

Take yesterday’s game in Chicago. Bears-Seahawks. Snow. Cold. Drunks. Etc.

This guy decided to take off his drawers. Of course the crowd wasn’t impressed, but video cameras were running and now this guy will have his Mr. Mini go viral.

Posted: January 16, 2011

Premise of Video: (via the vlogger) “At the divisional playoff game between the Bears and Seahawks, this curvy fan flashes the crowd”

Climax of Video: Someone in the crowd nails this one. “You are a dirtbag.”

Conclusion: Wait until his wife, working the 8-4 shift at the local bank finds out from Kathy in H.R. about this one. Shit’s goin’ to hit the fan at home. No NFC Championship for this guy.

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