Daily Dump: Michael Buble Banging/Marrying This 22-Year-Old?, Maria Menounous Golden Globes Date, Lacrosse Lap Dance, OSU Stadium In Legos, Sharapova Stalker?, Lakers-Clippers Fight, Camarella Monday NSFW & Adrianne Curry Twipic Gold


Imagine that: Kourtney Kardashian actually got in a swimming pool last week.

• As you might have noticed, we had one of those Fridays from hell where shit is broken and the hosting service won’t get off their asses to fix it. That’s why you received no updates or explanations. Contrary to some emails we received, no we hadn’t been arrested or dead.

• So the Jets are now the team full of assholes that 99% of America wants to see catch a STD.

• Since when does Bill The Genius get desperate enough for a fake punt 2:00 before halftime and only trailing 7-3. Oh, did we mention the field position? That’s something the Bengals or Raiders try to pull off, not Billy.

• Can the NFL possibly lose with any of the teams that’ll be in the Super Bowl? The Bears don’t have enough names but that TV market would more than make up for the lack of star power. Give us Steelers-Packers and we’ll need a new keyboard.

• Did you catch 60 Minutes last night, specifically the feature on the Vegas gambler who crushes casinos with regularity? Guess who he had his money on last night? Sexy Rexy. The recreational gambler got drilled when the Pats moneyline was worthless, which ruined tons of teasers and parlays, says our old friend Matt Youmans at the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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Today’s Dump:

…we get the week rolling with news that will piss you off and help you remain focused at the gym the rest of the week. This is what said “yes” to Michael Buble’s wedding proposal. Gentlemen, please remain calm. He’s probably gay and just using these amazing South American boobs as a cover for his gayness. Holy Fucking Shit! Buble could possibly be banging this! 22 and leggy! [Heyman]

BWAAAHAAAA! Maria Menounous brought her Tom Brady jersey to Golden Globes red carpet [Guyism]

In case you missed the professional lacrosse halftime lap dance action in Boston [Flisted]

Suck it, Michigan fan! Dude builds Ohio Stadium with Legos, hasn’t been laid in years [FratHouse]

How Cool & Boner Inducing! Miss Arkansas is a yodeling ventriloquist [The Big Lead]

WTF? Maria Sharapova is complaining about a reporter who is stalking her & there is video [Larry Brown]

OK. OK. OK. We’ll give you the Bart Scott post-game interview video. Could any more sites possibly run this one? [BroBible]

You have to see this Cromartie vs. Brady tale of the tape – Kids & Baby Mommas [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

In case you missed this sexy Bears fan and his sexy fat rolls on Saturday [Detroit4Lyfe]

Bloggers are completely gagging themselves by fellating the dude who sang the Bears-Seahawks national anthem [SB Nation]

Here is the best Auburn BCS Championship Wal Mart photo you’ll see all day [Off The Bench]

How about the Lakers-Clippers fight video that all the hipster NBA fans will be chatty about this morning [Jersey Chaser]

FINALLY! A ground-breaking reality show called Cleat Chasers! Hide yo ass! Some 21-year-old is going to spill the goods on Cubs players partying until 4 a.m.! Fuckin’ crazy! [Radar]

Big, Busty NSFW Boobies To Get Monday Off To A Worthless Start! Camarella! [Boobie Blog]

Sad: Vicky Beckham has taken out the implants. One final look at those absurd bags of solution [CelebSlam]

Keyra in running for World’s Best Ass – take a look and you judge it [Dirty Rotten]

Christina Hendricks failed to let ’em breath last night at the Golden Globes [The Blemish]

Adrianne Curry & Aubrey O’Day Twitpic Gold! [TaxiDriverMovie]

Joanna Krupa has been rather quiet lately – Bikini Update [Don Chavez]

Mina Stefan vs. these stairs [Uncoached]

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