Cuff ‘Em: Are Those The Faces Of Two Teens Who Could Possibly Slit Racing Pigeons Throats? Say It Ain’t So, Boys


Are you a good parent if your two boys are accused of committing heinous crimes against racing pigeons?

Probably not.

It might be time to reevaluate your kids mental makeup if they are arrested for the following. Oh, and this comes to us from Florida.

Two teenage Pasco County brothers are in custody, accused of mutilating and killing at least 18 pigeons used for racing and breeding.

Pasco deputies say between January 8 and January 9 the two brothers, 13-year-old Randy Corbit and 14-year-old Cody Corbit, went into a neighbor’s pigeon coops on Verndale Lane in Spring Hill. While in the coop, deputies say the teens killed at least 18 pigeons by stabbing them and slitting their throats. Some were even decapitated.

Wait until Mike Tyson reads this garbage.

What happened to the days of using a magnifying glass on ants? It’s an ant. How did we, as a society, evolve past the level of an ant (that gets stepped on and killed millions of times a day) to the stage where slitting pigeon throats is considered teeanage rebellion?

If you live in the Pasco area and have teenage daughters we suggest you hide them and make sure they aren’t dating the Corbit boys. Just some friendly advice.

*Please don’t email us asking why we’re running the faces of underage kids in Cuff ‘Em. Take up that argument with the Florida news station who had the initial report. Don’t bother us with stupid petty shit today. It’s Monday.

[Spring Hill racing pigeons decapitated, stabbed, teen brothers arrested]

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