Daily Dump: Erin Andrews Auction, Ines Sainz Picks Jets To Win SB, Vlady Putin Getting A BJ?, Little Girl Hockey Anthem FAIL, Fox Sports Reporter Cleavage, Bret Michaels Vs. Steelers Nation, Favre’s Sister Meth Bust, NSFW Cliff Diving & Coco Ass-Twitter-Gasm!


We have a reader who asks for hot chicks wearing glasses. Camille Rowe fills the request.

• Oh, thanks LeBron. He cleared up things and says that tweet about karma wasn’t about the Cavs. Um, calling bullshit on that one. It is karma. The guy leaves and the team sucks. Karma.

• Um, Erin Andrews is being auctioned off. Not sure what you get but we’re pretty sure it’ll be tame, boring and way too much talk and not enough sex.

• Of-Fucking-Course Ines Sainz picked the Jets to win the Super Bowl. When are you ignorant morons going to figure out that she’s a fame whore who will say stupid shit to get her name back into the 24-hour news cycle and maybe get a spot on Entertainment Tonight. The Jets won’t win the SB and we all know that. Mark Sanchez will get beat up this week and throw at least 2-3 picks trying to bring his team back from a 13-point deficit.

• Fame whoring for women and sports seems to be a 2009-current trend. It’s good for pageviews (us), but kinda makes us want to put a boot through the LCD.

• This is some crazy shit. There are Dallas restaurants that are selling out for Super Bowl week. Get your reservations now or you’ll be eating at the Whole Foods lunch counter.

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Today’s Dump:

…we get started on this cold Thursday in January with the video that clearly looks like Vlady Putin getting an under the TV set BJ by an attractive young lady. Of course he isn’t but it makes for a great video and viral gold for bloggers. [BroBible]

8-year-old hockey national anthem FAIL! Step it up, kid. American Idol judges aren’t going to like this performance. [Puck Daddy]

Of course Fox Sports sent former Oregon cheerleader Katelynn Johnson to cover the BCS…of course her cleavage was spilling out of this size-too-small shirt [FratHouse]

Panty dropper Bret Michaels will be in Pittsburgh to get the hillbillies ready for the Ravens [WTAE]

Photo: Terrell Suggs has a message and a big middle finger t-shirt for Steelers Nation [Guyism]

Jets-Pats: That asshole who couldn’t remember his kids names now thinks Tom Brady is an asshole [Deuce of Davenport]

This is allegedly a (2006) photo of Brett Favre’s sister who was arrested this week for drugs! [Big Lead]

Brace yourself…Dickie V. has signed a four-year contract with ESPN [Awful Announcing]

Ever see a missed dunk break a backboard? Now you have [Sharapova’s Thigh]

Ever see 5 technical fouls in 10 seconds in a NBA game? Now you have [SB Nation]

Oh, Dear God: Vs. goes out and hires this blond to talk to NHL players. Um, must know her name…NOW! [Crossing Broad]

Girl on Girl Gas Station Fight! A fun way to blow off a few minutes at your place of employment [Regretful Morning]

30 Worst Video Game Tats EVER! We said EVAH! All-Time! Hands Down WORST! [Super Booyah]

7 Reasons MySpace Went Bust [EgoTV]

Report: Lady Tears Are Kryptonite For The Penis [The Smoking Jacket]

Today’s Tail:

NSFW Cliff Diving! A small, but effective gallery! [Boobie Blog]

Are you cold? How about 85 International Reef Girls to help you think of warmer climates [Coed]

Coco has yet another Twitter ass-gasm! NEW PIC and it’s insanity [Flisted]

Gentlemen, we have a new chick with the best cleav in Hollywood. Jesus! [HQ-Celebrity]

Elisandra is Polish and totally cute in her bra/undies [Totally Crap]

Olivia Munn’s Letterman cleavage and her munching on cookies backstage [Popoholic]

Belen Rodriguez in multiple bra/undie combos that you’ll never see on your wife/gf [PrettyHot&Sexy]

Holly Peers & Rosie Jones have some new NSFW photos to peruse (scroll down) [Paparazzi]

The best Boobs Stuffed Into A Yellow Bikini photo you’ll see all day (look real, too!) [Funtasicus]

Jelena Jensen with some wrist/forearm bra to get you through this Thursday [Beer Goggler]

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